Vilkija l Contemporary Neighborhood

Šiuolaikinės seniūnijos

Located on the right side of Nemunas there is an amazing eldership Vilkija, that joined the “Contemporary Neighbourhoods” project in the year 2019. During this time, the community has organised more than one event, has developed a few long-term projects, the town was decorated by a few street art pieces, in the town’s main display was put an only one in Lithuania artistic-historical map created by an author.
Vilkija is famous for its intriguing history, unique urbanistic and architecture, here, there are many historical sites, established A. and J. Ethnic culture museum, the only historical ferry over Nemunas is working here. The town has been known as an art and crafts place. And in the forests, hills and mounds of Vilkija are hiding gripping legends and stories about happenings. So, there is a lot of material for the project.
After long discussions it has been decided to work towards the direction of a contemporary image for the Vilkija town: using historical fields to create Vilkija’s unique graphical design, main cultural organisations’ signs and original souvenirs using street art for buildings’ eternalization and also creating a new festival for the town that would unite both shores of Nemunas.
In 2019, a graphical art master Egidijus Rudinskas, who worked in Vilkija, created an artistic-historical map of Vilkija, that was put on display in the main stand of the town, and new logos for the cultural institutions of Vilkija. This unique graphical art creation was adapted by designer Gintaras Leonovičius for the mand stand of the town, which is located close to the church and also created an original series of town’s souvenirs.
In the same year, in Vilkija there was an untraditional performative excursion “Effort and consequences”, which was organised and performed by the Performative design association. During this untypical excursion, the people of Vilkija were invited together with artists to find questions and answers about the town’s past, present and future. It was a journey through time, which invited to imagine what was, is and will be after five, fifteen or fifty years. This excursion was created by the director Saulė Norkutė, Dovilė and Aurimas Gaižauskai, performative design association representatives and designer Simonas Kotovas, while collaborating with locals of Vilkija for several months.
In the year 2020, in Vilkija a street artist Tadas Šimkus was working. He left three vibrant signs on the town’s walls – “Hug”, “Wolf” and the “Feeder of the pigeons”. In them, the artist has interpreted the history of the location, the legend of origin has put in signs of community, closness and wishes for tolerance. As Tadas Šimkus says, the people of the town were the main starting point for his works and the painting on the apartment building was inspired by its 80-year-old resident.
In the summer of 2020, during the town’s celebration Egidijus Rudinskas, the graphic designer, and Gintautas Leonovičius’, the designer, artistic map of Vilkija was revealed. The idea – to present eldership’s history, visitor locations for tourists. Egidijus Rudinskas has worked on the map for several months, always communicate with the local people and gathering historical material. To this project substantially contributed the director of Antanas and Jonas Jūkai ethnical culture museum in Vilkija Arūnas Sniečkus, who is also a forester, and collationer and passioned for history Kęstutis Markevičius.
In October or 2020 in the main town square of Vilkija, a local artist’s Rasa Šimkevičienė photographed exhibition of pillows collection “Calm of patterns” was opened (photographer Gediminas Skarndis-Banaitis, exhibition curator Milda Gineikaitė). In this exhibition, there were captured authentic 1912-1958 pillow patterns of Vilkija brought by the people. This exhibition gave the meaning for folk art year.
The luck of the project “Contemporary Neighbourhoods” in the town with collaborations between artists and locals bring joy to the Elder of Vilkija Kazys Bačėnas: “Who can, those join, help and in the community and in the eldership. Wonderful, that newcomers have moved to Vilkija and also joined the activities.
In 2021, plans are to continue to develop the chosen direction – new signs will be given scene in the town, preparations will take place for the year 2022. In 2022, it is planned to organise Egidijus Rudinskas European cities’ maps exhibition “Europe in Vilkija” in A. and J. Juškai museum, to create a new summer festival for the town that would unite both shores of Nemunas and, there is hope, which would become a new tradition for people of Vilkija.

Statistics shortly. In 2019, 50 participants, 250 visitors, 5 partners, 1 long-term creation, 5 outside professionals, 2 events, 8 activities. In 2020, 30 participants, 330 visitors, 19 activities, 1 event, 6 involved partners, 3 outside professionals, 4 long-term creations. We invite you to join, get more information with e-mail:

For the preparation of the text, we sincerely thank “Kaunas2022” culturists-volunteers Emilija Smilinskaitė and Aušrinė Vilimaitė.
The moments of the project “Contemporary Neighbourhoods” were eternalized by M. Plepys and A. Aleksandravičius.
More information about activities of the “Contemporary Neighbourhoods” project in Ringaudai can be found by clicking on the link below: