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Linksmakalnis is an interesting and unique area of Kaunas district, participant of the project Contemporary Neighbourhoods since 2019. Until now Linksmakalnis being in Contemporary Neighbourhoods project has caused fascinating changes. In recent years, the identity of Linksmakalnis is being unfolded in bright colours, created by both – professional Lithuanian and international artists and the local community. Linksmakalnis is now better known as the Township of Angels. This is result of the great work of a local cultural operator, community, school and foreign artists. When Italian artist Roberto Magro first visited Linksmakalnis, it seemed for him that neighbors were alienated, children were bored in the yards. Such a bright name (Linksmakalnis means “joyful mountain”) did not match the image seen. After the residencies of 3 directors and 13 international artists from different parts of the world, a different story of Linksmakalnis was presented to the public. More than 100 community members participated and created a performance “Radio Angels” together with contemporary circus group. It is not a simple performance, but artistic piece of local community and artists, based on local history, community and legends, which was inviting to an extraordinary adventure in different spots of Linksmakalnis. About the performance: “Once, when many radio antennas were raised in Linksmakalnis, they enticed a crowd of angels who decided to stay here forever. Not without a reason there is museum of angels, animal shelters and other wonderful things, although not noticeable right away”. These thoughts were shared by the well-known Italian contemporary circus director Robert Magro. Together with the international troupe of circus artists, little, young and older residents of Linksmakalnis were dancing, playing sports and rehearsing for six months. And above all, they created a new story of Linksmakalnis, based on its past, present and future. 2020 September 5 the final event of Contemporary Neighbourhoods project “Radio Angels: Picnic” took place in Linksmakalnis. This community gathering of more than three hours involved participants in a contemporary circus performance, a live drawing of street art, premiere of a video about Linksmakalnis community. Evening ended with a concert by Rakija Klezmer Orkestar and laser show. The event was hosted by contemporary circus artist Džiugas Kunsmanas and local children, with whom the artist was working for half of the year. The artist Antanas Dubra with local children painted on an abandoned house, video about Linksmakalnis and its people was presented by the artist Gytis Dovydaitis, Džiugas Kunsmanas and Adrian Carlo Bibiano created dance performance.This event in Linksmakalnis summed up many artistic activities that took place here since 2019. In that year choreographer Robert Magro inspired the project “Radio Angels”, exploring the city’s identity and involving local community. Most of the local activities became linked to contemporary circus and angel themes (artist says that radio antennas raised during the Soviet era in this closed military town enticed angels, who still do good works unnoticed today). The project, which emphasizes communality, mutual help, kindness and care, especially involved local children who were fascinated by charisma of contemporary circus and the artist.In addition to this event, in autumn of 2020 a piece of street art (author Martynas Aužbukevičius) was created in Linksmakalnis and a sculpture by Algimantas Šlapikas “Angel’s Bench” appeared in the center of the town.

Short statistics. In 2019 year108 locals were involved in the process, 13 artists arrived. About 500 people saw the performance. Children continue improving their gymnastics skills in Garliava, for the first time community celebrated Neighbors Day. The town is creating a new story, a new image. In 2020 Linksmakalnis continued creating the new image of the town. Together with the representative of contemporary dance/circus Džiugas Kunsmanas, children of the town improved their motion skills and creativity, presented their six months rehearsals results at event in September. Linksmakalnis continues the theme of angels, sculptures and street art appears in the town (one of them was born last year thanks to Culture Center of Samylai). In 2020 these artists worked in Linksmakalnis: Gytis Dovydaitis, Algimantas Šlapikas, Martynas Aužbikavičius, Džiugas Kunsmanas. If you want to get to know Linksmakalnis more in detail and find out about the events of Contemporary Neighbourhoods project in this area, please e-mail:

We sincerely thank Emilija Smilinskaitė and Aušrinė Vilimaitė, volunteers of Kaunas 2022 for the prepared information!
Moments of Contemporary Neighbourhoods project captured by M. Plepys and A. Aleksandravičius.
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