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Šiuolaikinės seniūnijos

At the very end of Kaunas region, a community of Akademija’s town is involved 3 years in a row in a project „Šiuolaikinės seniūnijos“ (“Contemporary Neighbourhoods”). During the project this neighbourhood was able not only to suggest wide choice of activities (it organized more than 80 activities) but also had an immerse interest from the spectators. In the first year this community presented a lights installation in the fort of Marva and created a shop of local production. At the end of 2020 Akademija community organized two parts festival – one night and one day. Moreover, at the end of September the town invited to a village of Tadas Ivanauskas, where the first part of the event “We are growing an apple tree” (,,Auginame Obelynę“) was held, during which all the participants got a chance to participate in degustation of apples, painting in the plain air and in the program of interior, did an apple jam and they could even buy an apple tree with a grafted twig from T. Ivanauskas garden. Evening program ended in the XI fort (fort of Marva) by S.A.L.A which illuminated the whole Akademija with lasers show and a legendary night club “Lizdas” made sure of great music for dancing. Participants could not only enjoy the great atmosphere but also could participate in a fair, which reminded about community’s goods’ shop “Local: Made in Akademija” („LOKALI: MADE IN AKADEMIJA“ ) which was supposed to settle down in November. The purpose of this event was to engage with a youth audience which later on could be involved in other projects.
As well as, one of the fundamental strengths of Akademija community is a big range of local production and the abundance of natural resources. In 2019 there was a really successfully presented project “Taste of Akademija” („Akademijos skonis“) which inspired not only to create new products but also to gather local manufacturers to look for integral, sustainable and involving business model. This year’s goal of the neighbourhood is to correspond to a main „Šiuolaikinės seniūnijos“ (“Contemporary Neighbourhoods”) goal to gather the community, develop its creativity and to create a result of long-lasting impact. At the end of November 2020 a shop created by Akademija community of sustainable shopping “Local: Made in Akademija” („LOKALI: MADE IN AKADEMIJA“ ) opened its doors. It is the first shop in Lithuania who connects not only local manufacturers but the Lithuanian producers as well.
The central chairman of Akademija community, Daiva Gavrilčikė, who was one of the first ones developing actions in the neighbourhood, shared her positive thoughts about the shop project “Local: Made in Akademija” („LOKALI: MADE IN AKADEMIJA“ ) : “On opening day we had 30 manufacturers who believed in us, then in the first month we had 30 more who joined us. Producers and local community are very happy. More and more people cherish this short chain of supply: local business, products and sustainability. “Local: Made in Akademija” („LOKALI: MADE IN AKADEMIJA“ ) correspond to a huge need of locals to have a gift shop in Akademija town. Since we see a big need of people, we have lots of plans for the future. We want to expand a circle of manufacturers but firstly we need to survive the quarantine”.
In the future neighbourhood hopes not only to develop a local shop but also to have plenty of cultural events, because the profit “Local: Made in Akademija” („LOKALI: MADE IN AKADEMIJA“ ) will be dedicated to cultural activities in Akademija.
Community of Akademija has big goals in 2021 to involve local youth into a cultural life, that’s why it is planned to organize summer’s creative camp. In this camp students will be able to implement few brave projects with a poet, publicist, a producer of theater and cinema and kids’ writer Vytautas V. Landsbergis. The results of these activities will be presented this autumn and will become a big part of the event in 2022.

Statistics shortly In 2019 there were 70 active participants. During the project the community expanded from 7 to 35 active members who write projects, look for various ways to expand the network of sponsors and to create and gather the community. In the event that was held for the first time participated 500 people: 1 long-lasting peace of art, 1 event, more than a few dozen activities. In 202- there were 125 visitors, 900 participants, 4 events, 140 partnerships, 58 activities, 10 involved professionals and more than 15 000 eu were raised for the sponsorship. The first shop of local community was opened. If you want to join Akademija active community and be involved into the project, you can write us an e-mail: akademijos.bendruomene@gmail.com.


For the preparation of the text, we are thankful to our volunteers of “Kaunas 2022” Emilija Smilinskaitė and Aušrinė Vilimaitė!
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We are also thankful to the photographers M. Plepys and A. A. Aleksandravičius for capturing moments of “Contemporary Neighbourhoods” („Šiuolaikinės seniūnijos“) .